About Us

Cyclonic Consulting works with a range of organizations eager to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Our company’s approach offers you marketing, communications, strategic planning, social entrepreneurship and on demand publishing all rolled into one. We call it the Sales Cyclone.

Cyclonic Consulting works with a variety of organizations, from NGO’s to Fortune 500 companies to community-based nonprofits; from professional service providers to state and local associations; from retail businesses to visionary entrepreneurs.

We work with our clients to create a clear voice and message that can be heard above the noise of the marketplace. Together we’ll craft strategies and tactics that attract brand evangelists and raving fans.

The work is facilitated using our Sales Cyclone process – a unique method for consciously shaping new communities to support existing businesses. Our time-tested approach is designed to help organizations better communicate their purpose and thrive in the global culture and marketplace.