How We Work

You won’t find a one size fits all solutions with us. Your needs are unique. We realize your organization operates in its own context, system, and culture. Cyclonic Consulting offers custom-designed solutions that create both short-term and lasting value. No matter how long we work with you, the value will be clear.

In fact, we guarantee it. We strive to meet your expectations, or we work at no fee until we do.

The First Thing We Do is Listen

We find out where you’re at and what keeps you up worrying about at night. We ask questions to discover where the pressure is, what the obstacles you are facing look like. We want to hear what your strategic priorities and big picture dreams are. Where would you like to be in six months? And are you telling the right story for getting there?

Next, We Learn More About Your Organization

We get a sense of who you are. We look at your written materials. We meet your staff. We shop your competitors. And most importantly we listen to your customers. We ask questions that go beneath the surface. We ask about constraints and push on your assumptions. We find passion and discover hidden assets.

We place your challenges into the broader business and social context. We think about your world-view and how you impact your marketplace. We learn about your industry and the impact of latest trends. We identify your audience and their needs. We try to put ourselves in their shoes and create a profile of what they need, want, hope, desire, and fear.

Then, We Tailor a Custom Solution

Based on all the information we inhale, we map out the most effective way to address your organization’s needs. There’s usually a real creative tension between the reality of where you are now and the vision of where you want to go. We help defuse and bridge that gap with practical tactics that deliver rapid results.

We’re willing to take risks and try new things. It’s the only way to innovate and develop the unexpected. We use an interdisciplinary approach to connect the dots back in the workplace. This perspective is informed by our knowledge of business, technology, communications, culture, and human development.

Eventually, We Evaluate Results

Our work speaks for itself. If you can’t speak clearly to the outcomes, results, and deliverables of a project, what did you actually accomplish? That’s why we put the risk on us. Cyclonic Consulting guarantees to meet your expectations or we work at no fee until we do. It’s that simple.

Finally, We Reflect on Key Learnings

If you’re not smarter and more confident when we finish the project, then we didn’t do our job! You probably know the Chinese proverb: “Give a person a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Cyclonic Consulting aspires to live this promise in each and every engagement we accept. Its key to our mission and serving you. Our goal is to ensure new growth, new skills, and new capabilities for our clients.